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The Nuclear Engineering Department belongs to the NTUA School of Mechanical Engineering. The Department focuses on education and research regarding the fields of nuclear energy applications and related phenomena, technical applications of nuclear methods as well as the natural and man-made radiological environment.

Outdoor Radio-Environmental Conditions

Zografou Campus (Measurement location)
Last Update 20/09/20-21:14:18
Radon Daughters Concentration 13.0 Bq m-3
Gamma Dose Rate 53.9 nGy h-1
Temperature 21.6 °C
Relative Humidity 40.8 %
Atmospheric Pressure 988.6 mbar

Latest News

Τελευταία Νέα

Expert Judgments about RD&D and the Future of Nuclear Energy

A Harvard University study on the future of Nuclear Energy has been published, with the participation of Professor Emeritus S.E.Simopoulos.