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PhDs awarded at the Nuclear Engineering Laboratory

All PhDs texts are available at the Text Depository of the Library of the National Technical University of Athens or alternatively at the Text Depository of the National Archive of PhD Theses. All texts are in Greek unless otherwise designated in the following list.

  1. Hinis E.P.
    Title: Experimental Installation for the Simulation of Boiling Phenomena at Water Cooled Nuclear Reactors. Application: Study of the Rewetting of Nuclear Fuel Rods
    Year: 1994
    Pages: 324, Annex pp. 996
    Supervised by: S.E. Simopoulos
  2. Anagnostakis M.J.
    Title: γ-Spectroscopic Analysis of Low-activity Samples Emitting Low-energy Photons
    Year: 1998
    Pages: 557, Annex pp. 169
    Supervised by: S.E. Simopoulos
  3. Petropoulos N.P.
    Title: Thermophysical Properties of Nuclear Reactor Coolants: A Comparative Study and Calculation Codes
    Year: 2004
    Pages: 410, Annex pp. 308
    Supervised by: S.E.Simopoulos
  4. Rouni P.K.
    Title: Detection of Trace Elements in Environmental Samples Using Nuclear Engineering Methods
    Year: 2008
    Pages: 543, Annex pp. 227
    Supervised by: S.E.Simopoulos
  5. Karangelos D.J.
    Title: Radioenvironmental Analysis and Applications
    Year: 2008
    Pages: 610, Annex pp. 82
    Supervised by: S.E. Simopoulos
  6. Mitrakos D.
    Title: Numerical Simulation of Dispersed Multi-Phase Flows Application in Particle Flow Dynamics
    Year: 2009
    Pages: 219
    Supervised by: E.P. Hinis
  7. Nikoglou A.A.
    Title: Experimental Investigation of Thin Liquid Films Properties During Free Flow in a Nuclear Power Reactor Channel
    Year: 2010
    Pages: 480, Annex p.p. 14
    Supervised by: S.E. Simopoulos
  8. Papadopoulos N.-A. K.
    Title: Fly Ash Particles Transport and Deposition Models in the Environment and Consequent Radiological Burden in the Megalopolis Lignite Field Basin
    Year: 2010
    Pages: 356, Annex p.p. 119
    Supervisoed by: S.E. Simopoulos
  9. Efstathopoulos A.V.
    Title: Elemental and Isotopic Analysis of Uranium in Liquid Samples
    Year: 2010
    Pages: 444, Annex p.p. 22
    Supervised by: S.E. Simopoulos
  10. Papadakos G.N.
    Title: Stochastic Procedures and Correlative Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation of Radioenvironmental and Pertinent Laboratory Procedures
    Year: 2012
    Pages 487, Annex p.p. 94
    Supervised by: S.E.Simopoulos
  11. Karfopoulos K.L.
    Title: Development and Application of Measurement Techniques for the Analysis of Natural and Technologically Enhanced Radioactivity in Ecosystems
    Year: 2012
    Pages: 953, Annex p.p. 328
    Supervised by: S.E. Simopoulos
  12. Savva M.I.
    Title: Very low level radioactivity measurement techniques for the determination of trace elements in samples of environmental importance
    Year: 2017
    Pages: 402, Annex p.p. 109
    Supervised by: M.J. Anagnostakis
  13. Niki M. Lymperea
    Title: Study on the rewetting of an overheated rod by inserting coolant either at the top or at the bottom of a vertical channel flow, in various initial conditions
    Year: 2018
    Pages: 282
    Supervised by: E.P. Hinis
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