National Technical University of Athens
School of Mechanical Engineering
Nuclear Engineering Department

PhDs awarded by the Nuclear Engineering Department

  1. Hinis E.P.
    Title: Experimental Installation for the Simulation of Boiling Phenomena at Water Cooled Nuclear Reactors. Application: Study of the Rewetting of Nuclear Fuel Rods
    Year: 1994
    Pages: 324, Annex pp. 996
    Supervised by: S.E. Simopoulos
  2. Anagnostakis M.J.
    Title: γ-Spectroscopic Analysis of Low-activity Samples Emitting Low-energy Photons
    Year: 1998
    Pages: 557, Annex pp. 169
    Supervised by: S.E. Simopoulos
  3. Petropoulos N.P.
    Title: Thermophysical Properties of Nuclear Reactor Coolants: A Comparative Study and Calculation Codes
    Year: 2004
    Pages: 410, Annex pp. 308
    Supervised by: S.E.Simopoulos
  4. Rouni P.K.
    Title: Detection of Trace Elements in Environmental Samples Using Nuclear Engineering Methods
    Year: 2008
    Pages: 543, Annex pp. 227
    Supervised by: S.E.Simopoulos
  5. Karangelos D.J.
    Title: Radioenvironmental Analysis and Applications
    Year: 2008
    Pages: 610, Annex pp. 82
    Supervised by: S.E. Simopoulos
  6. Mitrakos D.E.
    Title: Numerical Simulation of Dispersed Multi-Phase Flows Application in Particle Flow Dynamics
    Year: 2009
    Pages: 219
    Supervised by: E.P. Hinis
  7. Nikoglou A.A.
    Title: Experimental Investigation of Thin Liquid Films Properties During Free Flow in a Nuclear Power Reactor Channel
    Year: 2010
    Pages: 480, Annex p.p. 14
    Supervised by: S.E. Simopoulos
  8. Papadopoulos N.-A. K.
    Title: Fly Ash Particles Transport and Deposition Models in the Environment and Consequent Radiological Burden in the Megalopolis Lignite Field Basin
    Year: 2010
    Pages: 356, Annex p.p. 119
    Supervisor: S.E. Simopoulos
  9. Efstathopoulos A.V.
    Title: Elemental and Isotopic Analysis of Uranium in Liquid Samples
    Year: 2010
    Pages: 444, Annex p.p. 22
    Supervised by: S.E. Simopoulos
  10. Papadakos G.N.
    Title: Stochastic Procedures and Correlative Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation of Radioenvironmental and Pertinent Laboratory Procedures
    Year: 2012
    Supervised by: S.E.Simopoulos
  11. Karfopoulos K.L.
    Title: Development and Application of Measurement Techniques for the Analysis of Natural and Technologically Enhanced Radioactivity in Ecosystems
    Year: 2012
    Pages: 953, Annex p.p. 328
    Supervised by: S.E. Simopoulos

PhD dissertations in progress

  1. Gazis N.E.
    Title: Study, Design and Construction of the CERN CLC Accelerator Main Unit, with Emphasis on the Measurement and Control of Beams in a High Energy Radioactive Background Environment
    Assigned: July 2009
    Supervised by: E.P. Hinis
  2. Aikaterini-Elikonis Maroudi
    Title: Ecosystem dosimetric calculation models
    Assigned: February 2010
    Supervised by: M.J. Anagnostakis
  3. Marilia I. Savva
    Title: Very low level radioactivity measurement techniques for the determination of trace elements in samples of environmental importance
    Assigned: May 2010
    Supervised by: M.J. Anagnostakis
  4. Niki M. Lymperea
    Title: Study on the rewetting of an overheated rod by inserting coolant either at the top or at the bottom of a vertical channel flow, in various initial conditions
    Assigned: November 2012
    Supervised by: E.P. Hinis