Objectives of the Symposium


The primary objective of the NRE-VII Symposium is to provide a forum for the presentation of the results of scientific research and the discussion of issues concerning the Natural Radiation Environment. The symposium series “Natural Radiation Environment’ (NRE) has a long standing tradition, dating back to 1963. Since then, it has become the primary scientific meeting addressing levels and effects due to man’s exposure to natural and technologically-enhanced natural radiation sources on a global scale.


Besides the traditional aspects of NRE-impact on the NRE exposure of the general public (typically about 80% of the total dose on a global average), the role of NRE-induced radiation exposure at various workplaces will become increasingly subject to control under the new BSS worldwide implemented in July 2000. Some of these regulatory developments have many implications for various industries and for the environment. NRE-VII aims at providing guidance for selected branches of the following listed industries:  Aircraft and Space Industries, Oil and Gas Industry, Mining and Milling Industry, Construction Industry, Building Materials Industry,  Fertilizer's Industry,   Underground Installations, Rare-earth Industry, Coal Power Plants,  Aluminum Industry, Tunneling,  Stone-finishing Industry,  Water works, Wine Processing



Main Topics of the Symposium


The key subjects presented in the following list may be useful guidelines, but they are certainly not exhaustive:  Radon, Thoron and other Terrestrial Sources, Cosmic radiation: exposures of air-crew, travelers and astronauts,  Technologically Enhanced Natural Radiation (e.g. Depleted Uranium, NORM), High Background Areas, Metrology,  Internal and External Exposures, Effects on Biota and Ecosystems , Dosimetry and Health Risk Assessment: models, retrospective techniques, epidemiology, New Radiation Protection Concepts and NRE, Natural Radiation Control Implications of the IAEA-and European Union Basic Safety Standards, Risk Communication and Comparison, Non-Ionising Radiation (NIR) and the NRE.