Topic 4 : Mitigation of existing buildings

Prepared by : ERRICCA 2 European Radon Research and Industry Collaboration Concerted Action

European Commission Contract No: FIRI-CT-2001-20142


Topic leader : Chris Scivyer, Building Research Establishment Ltd, UK.

E-mail address :


The objectives of Topic 4 are to expand existing knowledge of radon mitigation of existing buildings . This will include considering novel techniques, mitigation products, systems and equipment to reduce indoor radon from soil gas and building materials with particular emphasis on simple cost effective mitigation measures. Increased background knowledge of radon entry into buildings. Side effects of radon mitigation techniques.


The principal deliverable will be the establishment of a Web based database of products, components, materials and case studies aimed at increasing knowledge of radon mitigation and providing improved accessibility to information.


You can help in expanding the database by submitting case studies. More information can be found on this website.