Topic 1 : Increasing public awareness and confidence

Prepared by : ERRICCA 2 European Radon Research and Industry Collaboration Concerted Action

European Commission Contract No: FIRI-CT-2001-20142


Topic leader : Chris Scivyer, Building Research Establishment Ltd, UK.

E-mail address :


The objectives of Topic 1 are to to increase public awareness and confidence in reducing radon risk across Europe.


One aim of this work will be to prepare a Toolkit of materials that can be used to establish a common European approach to raising public awareness. As a first step all ERRICCA partners have been invited to provide their experiences of running radon awareness programmes across Europe. In particular they have been asked to identify the activities that have been tried and how effective they have been. The intention being to learn of the activities that have been tried in each country - whether they proved successful or unsuccessful. Partners were encouraged to offer their thoughts as to why particular activities worked well or failed. It could be that local issues influenced what happened. To assist in gathering this information a questionnaire was circulated. The responses to the questionnaire will appear on this website when complete.


The second aim will be to prepare common guidance for buying, leasing and selling buildings to assist in raising awareness of radon during real estate transactions. This is seen as a significant route by which the increased uptake of radon measurement and mitigation might be achieved over the next decade.