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The thermodynamic and transport properties of  heavy water can be calculated according to the property equations presented in:

[1] Fink J.K., Leibowitz L., "Thermodynamic and Transport Properties of Sodium Liquid and Vapor", Report ANL/RE-95/2, Ractor Engineering Division, Argonne National Laboratory, 1995.

Based  mainly on the above reference  property equations have been  implemented in the SODIUM_LISP (SODIUM LIquid and Steam Properties) FORTRAN 77 code in the course of  the following PhD work (in Greek):

Petropoulos N.P., "THERMOPHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF NUCLEAR POWER REACTOR COOLANTS: COMPARATIVE STUDY AND CALCULATION CODES", Nuclear Engineering Section, Mechanical Engineering School, National Technical University of Athens, 2000 (in progress).

The set of equations used provide reliable thermodynamic and transport properties results for the  industrial use of heavy water. The following validity range is covered:

Pressure: 1.5E-10 - 256.4 bar

Temperature: 97.85 - 2230.55 oC


Calculable Properties:

Specific volume v in m3/kg  Density in kg/m3
Internal energy u in kJ/kg  Specific enthalpy h in kJ/kg
Entropy s in kJ/(kgK) Isobaric heat capacity cp in kJ/(kgK)
Isochoric heat capacity cv in kJ/(kgK)  Viscosity in kg/(ms)
Thermal conductivity in W/(mK) Surface tension  in N/m.

Code accepts the following input pair:

(P,T) in bars and degrees Centigrade respectively.

Reported Bugs

This WWW page is maintained regularly to ensure best performance and error-free accurate calculations for the thermodynamic and transport properties of light (ordivary)  water. All efforts have been made to ensure that the present  code  is as accurate implementation as possible of the property equations included at the above literature. Authors welcome your comments and suggestions for further improvement along with any bug reports and they will acknowledge any reported bug in this very page under the link reported bugs regardless whether they are fixed or not. 

Please, contact:

Nick P. Petropoulos (

Research Assistant

Nuclear Engineering Section

Mechanical Engineering Dept.

National Technical University of Athens

15780 Athens, GREECE

tel: +302107722939

fax: +302107722914


However, authors will not try to fix all reported bugs promptly, and they will certainly not be ivolved in an effort to improve performance of the property equations in pressure - temperature regions, where their results are ambiguous or not to be trusted.   Furthermore, authors cannot accept ANY responsibility if some or all calculations based on this code may be proven wrong or inadequate.Visitors of this page, who would like to receive free copies of the source code for their own private use or for evaluating purposes are encouraged to place a request at, stating also their intented implementation platform (i.e. FORTRAN make & version, UNIX or Windows based application etc). Not all requests are to be granted. This version of the software is not commercially available.

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